The Collectors’ Gallery of Art

The Collectors’ Gallery of Art was established by Romana Kaspar-Kraft in Calgary in 1994. The Gallery represents over 35 established contemporary Canadian artists and deals in important works by Canadian artist of historic significance, including representing over 20 artists’ estates.

At The Collectors’ Gallery of Art we work to find the right works of art for you or your business. Whether your interests lie with historical or contemporary art, we will help you find the best artworks to start or compliment your personal and/or corporate collections. Quality and trust are very important to us. We take pride in the art we carry, and the artists we represent. No questions are too trivial. We encourage people to ask questions. Our business is to clarify any queries you may have on art.

Buying art does not have to be a costly venture. With over 40 years of experience, The Collectors’ Gallery of Art has the expertise to counsel you on building a collection to suit you and within the budget you have available. We are committed to offering you quality investment art with exceptional service and advice. Also enquire about our payment plan. We believe purchasing art should be enjoyable and financially rewarding.

Deciding to purchase a work of art is not always easy. If you are undecided about a specific piece of fine art, we recommend you take the artwork home on approval, and spend time with it before making your final decision. It is very important to us that you are happy with the art you have purchased from us.

We also offer evaluations of your art collection, facilitate sales of artwork, framing, installation, and delivery or shipping.